Like wearing a blue and white pottery on a white bowl

Cobalt blue spreads dark and light

I do handicrafts every day, such as molding, painting, and firing.

Kozue Ogata  Profile

1974 Born in Japan

2000 Completted the Master Ceramics Cours, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Art and Music

        (Completion Production is Purchased by University)

2001 Training at Seto Blue and White Ceramics Center

Currently living in Fujieda, Japan.

A regular member of the Japan Kogei Association

Part-time lecturer at Aichi University of the Arts


1998 "Seto Kita Rotary Club President's Award" at the 1st Seto Dyeing Exhibition

2000  "Seto Dyeing Special Award" at the 2nd Seto Dyeing Exhibition

2002  "Dyeing Award" at the 3rd Seto Dyeing Exhibition

2004  "Aichi Governor's Award"35th Tokai Traditional Crafts Exhibition

2005  "Tokai Traditional Crafts Exhibition Award" at the 36th Tokai Traditional Crafts Exhibition

2008  "Shizuoka Prefectural Board of  Received the 39th Tokai Traditional Crafts Exhibition      

2012  "Refreshing Takumi Award" at the Fujieda Making Award for Energetic Town

2013  "Encouragement Award"5th Kikuchi Biennale Exhibition

​2020  "Best Member Award" at the 46th Shizuoka Prefectural Craft Art Exhibition


Solo exhibition


2011 Matsuzakaya Nagoya store (Aichi) 2014/2018

2016 Matsuzakaya Shizuoka store (Shizuoka) 2019

2018 Honokuni Department Store (Toyohashi)

2019 Hana Asagi (Tokyo)

2020 Seto Blue and White Ceramics Center (Aichi)


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